The company

We moved to the Bernerie en Retz area in 2001, when we founded the company. At the beginning, we only owned 2 hectares of oyster park in La Bernerie before buying half of it in 2005 in Morlaix, in Brittany. We then expanded in La Bernerie and Morlaix as we went along until we had 10 hectares of oyster beds. We decided to create a family business and we want to continue in this way. That’s why our two sons, Samuel and Tiéphen, joined us later on. The number of employees varies according to the period: there are about ten of us during the summer season and during the holidays, while the rest of the year there are about five of us.

Here is a link to a video made by the radio station France Bleu in which you can see Frédéric and his team at work.