Our commitments

Quality commitment

Our oysters are quality, natural and very healthy products. In addition, our company is committed to providing oysters to our partners throughout the year, from Monday to Saturday, twice a day if necessary. Health checks are carried out twice a month to ensure optimum quality.

Freshness commitment

Our oysters are extracted from the water, washed, calibrated and finally put in purifying tanks. It is only after the order is placed that our oysters are taken out of the tanks before being packed and sold. Orders can be placed in the morning or afternoon as we deliver our customers twice a day. In addition, the label attached to the trims justifies the packaging date of our oysters. Thus we guarantee the freshness of our products.

Commitment from

Our oysters are raised partly in Bernerie en Retz on the bay of Bourgneuf in Retz, in the Loire Atlantique but also in Brittany in Morlaix.